Remembering the variegated requests of clients, we are associated with giving standard quality scope of Batch Pickling Tank to our clients. Pickling is the compound removal of rust and scale from steel. In Batch Pickling Tank, all steel to be dealt with is stacked onto especially sketched out devices for that size of material. All steel is independently disengaged to ensure 100% pickling and rust defend scope on all surfaces. One to four establishments of like material are merged to shape. Each individual tank in our technique will be stacked with a continue running of steel. An overhead crane is used to pass on the steel between tanks in the midst of the pickling and rust protect handle.

As a manufacturer of batch pickling tanks, we guarantee that they are totally spillage confirmation to keep any spilling of the chemicals. The welding of the edges is finished with the most recent innovation and technique to ensure smooth and appropriately welded surface. The bunch pickling tanks are given fit as a fiddle; however the measurement of these tanks is additionally modifiable according to the need of the client. We keep the cost of these pickling tanks monetary to make them reasonable by the customers.

Unique Features of Batch Pickling Tank

  • Coil pickling lines
  • Surface treatment plants
  • Hot dip galvanizing plants
  • Stainless steel pickling plants
  • Wire pickling lines
  • Electroplating/anodizing plants
  • Pipe pickling plants
  • Metal finishing industries

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